Thursday, September 3, 2009

Nonstop state killings going on, haven’t right to life!

Nonstop state killings going on, haven’t right to life!

By Jahangir Alam Akash, Actually in Bangladesh hasn’t right to life. Though, Bangladesh has signed the Universal Declaration of human rights by UN. Almost, every day State killers ‘Rapid Action Battalion (RAB)’ have been killings to the peoples, those who are the citizens of Bangladesh. Nonstop state killings has going on there.

Two siblings, allegedly illegal arms and drugs peddlers, were killed in a 'shootout' at Vaturia in Jessore Sadar in Bangladesh on 3rd September, 2009. Source: the daily Star, 4th October, 2009. Killeds persons both are brother. The deceased were identified as Ahsan Kabir Hasan, 55, and his brother Mizanur Rahman Mizan, 45, sons of Tafsiruddin Biswas of Shankarpur village in the upazila. Please see our previous report about extra judicial killings:

RAB told, RAB-6 recovered 12 firearms and 74 bullets from the spot while three members of RAB and two policemen were injured in the gunfight, said RAB-6 officials. Hasan and Mizan were arrested at Mirpur a in the capital on 2nd September, 2009. Please see our previous report about extra judicial killings:

The battle took place when the law enforcers went to Jessore with the two brothers to recover firearms based on their confession. As soon as they reached the spot, the cohorts of the arrestees opened fire at the law enforcers forcing them to retaliate. Hasan and Mizan were caught in the line of fire while trying to flee. The brothers died on the spot, said the sources.

Sources said, Hasan was the chief of 'Hasan syndicate', which had been carrying out smuggling and arms and drugs peddling through the Indian border. The law enforcers, however, could arrest none of the cohorts. RAB and police sources said Hasan was accused in 22 cases, including eight of killing and three of robbery, while Mizan in 18 cases, including six murder cases. According to sources, of the cases filed against them, one was for four-murder. Please see our previous report about extra judicial killings:

Sources said, the brothers were also accused in Udichi bomb-blast case. However, they were acquitted of the case as none dared to make statement against them. Hasan was ousted from the Jatiya Samajtantrik Dal in 1988 for his involvement in robberies. Please see our previous report about extra judicial killings:

Locals and police sources said, during the BNP-Jammat led four-party alliance government, the brothers continued smuggling, extortion and other criminal activities under the shelter of a local BNP minister. After the Awami League-led Grand Alliance government came to power, they took shelter under a powerful AL leader and were engaged in tender snatching in the city's Mirpur.

We know, in Bangladesh corruption is top to bottom. There are no rules of law, good governance, accountability, clearness, actual democracy, equality. All the institutional system is collapsed. Not only that, poverty, discrimination and torture are common picture in Bangladesh. Without political support can’t grownup terrorism or terrorists. But, unfortunately the political influentials are always in dark those who are patronize to terrorism-terrorists.

So, we strongly believe that, extra judicial killings are not a solution to combat terrorism. Extra judicial killings are never being a sustainable solution for combat terrorism. For combat terrorism should practice democracy, to reduce corruption and all kinds of discrimination and poverty. As well as, should need system and institutional development. 4-9-2009.

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