Thursday, September 3, 2009

Journalists attacked by government party men

Journalist’s repression is going on in Bangladesh। After Maymensingh and Rajshahi now were happened journalist repressions in Chuadanga. Chattra League and Jubo League cadres (a part of ruling party Bangladesh Awami League) were ransacked and burnt to the office and business centre of journalists.Local journalists were published reports against local Member of Parliament (MP) and Mayor on 28th August, 2009. MP Solaiman Huq Zoarder and his brother Mayor Riazul Islam are closed with ruling party. So that, their supporters were angry with journalists those who were wrote reports against MP and Mayor. Source: the daily Prothom-Alo.On 1st September supporters of MP and Mayor were brought out a procession in the city of Chuadanga. The agitators were burnt some copies of Prothom-Alo and Amardesh at Shahid Hasan point. And then they were set fire to the business center of Dalim Hossen. Dalim is a local correspondent of the daily Amardesh. After receiving information the firemen came in the spot and they were control fire. In the same time ruling party cadres were ransacked the office of Razib Hasans. Journalist Razib is the correspondent of the daily Janakantha. Later at night they were attacked to the house of journalist Dalim. Please see our previous report: journalist tortured by ruling party men in BangladeshAnother journalist Saidur Rahman Nazu was tortured by a ruling party leader at Puthia under Rajshahi district in Bangladesh on 17th August, 2009. He was admitted to the local health complex. But, after continuously threatening he was flew from the local hospital. And now he is in the Rajshahi Medical College Hospital (RMCH). Still the perpetrator has giving threat to him. In this situation, Mr. Nazu has feared about his security. Journalist Nazu is working for news agency of News Network of Bangladesh (NNB). And he is well known journalist in Rajshahi region.Sources said that, journalist Saidur Rahman Nazu was attacked by the leader of Abdul Malek and his associates. Mr. Malek is the general secretary of ruling party Bangladesh Awami League (BAL) Puthia municipality unit. Journalist Nazu was came at Puthia bazaar on 17th August, 2009 at morning. In that time Mr. Makek and his associates were attacked on Nazu. They were kicking, slapping and beating to him. So, he was severely injured. Local peoples took him to the Puthia health complex hurray. The perpetrator took mobile set and important documents from Nazu.After happened this incident local journalists asked to Mr. Malek about the event. Then he told that, ‘Nazu is a bloody man. On Sunday (16th August) he asked to our member of parliament (MP) Abdul Oadud Dara about so-called four lac taka bribe taken from someone. For this, we were beaten him. Again we beat him. Because still his punish has not enough. We heard that he has been admitted in the hospital. We go to hospital.’ Local MP Mr. Dara said to the journalists, ‘journalist tortured is not wise decisions. I will take serious action against the perpetrators.’ But, Mr. Dara were took Mr. Malek with his car and gone from the spot.Not only that, after that some supporters of local MP were came to the local Puthia health complex led by Awlad. Mr. Awlad is the general secretary of ruling party youth front Jubo League Puthia unit. They tried to taken journalist Nazu and go outside from hospital for several times. For security reson Nazu was flew from the local hospital and admitted in the RMCH.Rajshahi Union of Journalists (RUJ) president Hasan Millat and general secretary Shiblee Noman only gave their condemn and wants to punish the perpetrator about the said tortured incident. But, we think that this is not enough from RUJ as a journalist community organization or a trade union. Although we understand that, the perpetrator is belong with ruling party and the RUJ leaders also believe with same party. So, how could they take big programme? If the perpetrator was belong with opposition then the RUJ leaders will take big demonstration. See more information about journalists killings-tortured in Bangladesh: I was the general secretary of RUJ I was totally illegally victimized by state as well as some corrupted political leaders including Awami League. In that time also the RUJ leaders were nothing to do about press freedom. So, please visit and see the problem of press freedom in Bangladesh: I was searched in internet the newspapers of Bangladesh. But, I didn’t found the news about tortured of journalist Nazu. It is very unfortunate for press freedom.As a professional journalist I urge that, please come and unit for our press freedom and should forget your political fascination. Otherwise, every day will hamper the press freedom. We demand to the present government, please should arrest and punish the perpetrator those who were involved with journalist’s killings and torturing.In mention, last 16 years 24 journalists were killed by terrorists. But, the killers and masterminds of the journalist’s killings are getting impunity. Without rule of law and actual democracy we can’t hope for justice.

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