Friday, September 11, 2009

Killing by government: violation of constitution and UN universal declaration

By Jahangir Alam Akash, Is where going on extra judicial killings? Where there is no rule of law, actual democracy and accountability that’s place better for inhumanity. In this sense we can say that, Bangladesh is a not civilized country. And actually in Bangladesh has no rule of law, democracy (but in the name of so-called democracy have there), accountability.

That is why, hasn’t stop extra judicial killings. But we don’t believe that, killings are not the solution of combat the terrorism. For combat the terrorism firstly essential to stop the political patronization to the terrorists. Bangladesh government is enjoying the extra judicial killings. But, maybe they don’t interest to control the market, corruption, political terrorism, extortion and other immoral activity those are running by the ruling party men.

Two criminals, including an outlawed party leader, were killed in separate 'shootouts' in Kushtia and Mymensingh early on 11th September, 2009. The dead were identified as Ziko Parvez alias Killer Samrat, 36, a leader of outlawed Gono Mukti Fouz (GMF) and Md Nasim, 25, wanted in criminal activities. Samrat was killed in an encounter between his cohorts and law enforcers at Baliapara village in Sadar upazila. With this, the death toll of the operatives of different outlawed parties in the district from "crossfire" reaches 19 in last 16 days. Source: the daily Star 12th September, 2009.

Sources said, acting on a tip-off, a joint team of police and Rapid Action Battalion raided (RAB) Baliapara Bridge where the outlaws, led by Samrat, were holding a meeting at about 4:00am, police said.The law enforcers cordoned off the area and asked the outlaws to surrender. But the outlaws started firing on the law enforcers prompting them to retaliate that triggered a half-an-hour long gunfight. At one stage the operatives of the outlawed party managed to flee the scene while the body of Samrat was found lying on the ground. Police recovered one LG, one shutter gun and three bullets from the spot.

Government sources told, in another incident, Nasim was killed in a shootout between his cohorts and RAB in Polashpur area in Mymensingh town. A team of RAB arrested Nasim from Keotkhali area of the town Thursday night and recovered one pistol, one pipe gun, one bullet and five sharp weapons from his possession, police said. As per Nasim's statement, the law enforcers took him near the bank of Brahmaputra River at around 3:00am to nab his accomplices, police said, quoting RAB sources. As soon as the law enforcers reached the spot along with Nasim, his accomplices opened fire on them forcing the law enforcers to fire back. At one stage Nasim was caught in the line of fire while trying to flee and died on the spot. There are nine cases, including extortion, against Nasim with Kotwali Police Station, police said. RAB handed over the body to police at around 4:00pm. Later, police sent it to Mymensingh Medical College Hospital morgue for autopsy.

But, we know and very well about extra judicial killings. Actually there were no gunfight where someone killed by RAB or police in Bangladesh. After killing RAB or police serve a statement which is totally false. But, our ‘Blind media ‘without any investigation has been publish report with false statement almost every day.

Without justice not only killings but also torture, inhuman attitude with anybody has totally prohibited by the constitution (The constitution of Bangladesh, Article 35/5). In spite of our so-called democratic government has support to extra judicial killings. 12-9-2009

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