Saturday, September 12, 2009

If government wants to do continue extra judicial killings!

By Jahangir Alam Akash, Every day peoples were killed by state force in Bangladesh. Now has to kills to peoples in the name of so-called gunfight. Another two peoples were killed by law enforcers. We have doubt that, the present government of Bangladesh hasn’t believe rule of law. Otherwise they couldn’t the side for extra judicial killings. In Bangladesh have a constitution, Court, Judges, lawyers, rule and regulations. In spite of how is continuing extra judicial killings by the government in Bangladesh?

But the state minister of home affairs Shamsul Haque Tuku has taking hard position for ‘crossfire’ (extra judicial killings). He told that, ‘also defended the 'crossfire' saying the law enforcers have the right to defend themselves. “There is no word called crossfire listed in the law enforcer's duties. Law enforcers have the right to save their lives if the criminals attack them," Previous report about extra judicial killings: ‘2,279 peoples were killed on eight months: Crossfire & govt. statement’

Two criminals, including one of the top-listed ringleaders of the capital, were shot dead in two separate "shootouts" with law enforces in the city and Khulna on 12th September, 2009. They are Shahar Ali, 35, of East Monipur of Mirpur, and Farukh Khan, 32, of Banishanta union of Dakop upazila in Khulna. Source: the daily Star, 13-9-2009.

Government sources said, ss a RAB patrol team signaled a white microbus crossing Dhaka City Corporation office at Mirpur-10 to stop at 1:30am, the passengers tried to escape defying them. The ‘criminal’s opened fire on the RAB personnel as the team chased them. The RAB team retaliated that ensued a gunfight. After the incident, Shahar Ali was found bullet-hit in head at the spot and sent to Dhaka Medical College Hospital where the doctor on duty declared him dead. His accomplices, however, managed to flee the scene on the microbus. An assistant sub-inspector of RAB was also injured in the gunfight. S. Ali was convicted in several cases including seven for murder with different police stations in the city. There are cases against Ali for realizing extortions from Shenpara, Rokeya Sarani, Shewrapara, Kazipara and Monipur. Earlier, the authorities concerned issued a red notice through Interpol as he was in neighbouring countries at large for long time.

Same sources said, in another incident, a ‘notorious pirate’ of the Sundarbans was killed at about 12:30am on the bank of river Bhadra under Dakop upazila of Khulna district. Farukh was accused in two murder cases, two robbery cases and three other cases under arms act filed with Dakop and Koira police stations. On information, police went to the spot as a group of pirates were preparing for looting on Bhadra riverways, Officer-in-charge of Dakop Police Station Ziauzzam said. Police fired 13 rounds as they came under attack. After the incident, Farukh was found dead on the spot. Two policemen constables Biddut and Babul sustained injuries in the incident. They are undergoing treatment at Dakop upazila health complex. Police recovered a shutter gun, a pipe gun, four used shells and two bullets from the spot. Two separate cases, one for assaulting police and another under arms act, were filed with Dakop Police Station. Previous report about extra judicial killings: ‘Killing by government: violation of constitution and UN universal declaration’

Media role is very bad regarding extra judicial killings in Bangladesh. They haven’t carryon their actual role in this issue. Bangladeshi media always doing like blind about extra judicial killings. In this connection media has publish news by collecting information from government source. Though media knows very well that, government information or statement about extra judicial killings is totally false.

The constitution of Bangladesh and Universal Declaration of Human Rights clearly said that, all kinds of torture, cruelty and inhuman attitude are prohibited. In spite of in Bangladesh is going extra judicial killings. For democracy, rule of law, good governance immediately should stop all kinds of human rights violation. Killings are not right way to combat terrorism.

We want to say very clearly that, if government wants to do continue extra judicial killings then they should dissolved Court, law, rule and justice system!13-9-2009. (Unbearable time-with English subtitle) (BIHR part-1) (BIHR part-2) (BIHR part-3) (Unbearable time part-1) (Unbearable time part-2) (Extra judicial killings-Maznu) (Minority killings) (Islamic militancy-5 Badsha) (Islamic militancy, crossfire -6 Major Rashid) (Islamic militancy-4 Bashar) (Islamic militancy-1 Khejur) (Islamic militancy-2 Rabeya) (Islamic militancy-3 Mother of Zia) (Islamic militancy-1 MP Ishrafil)

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