Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Government should secure democracy rule of law press freedom and human rights

By Jahangir Alam Akash, Can as a state or government is a killers or terrorists? But in Bangladesh is like this. From the year of 2004 has been continuously going on extra judicial killings by state there. Especially, Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) is the main state killers in the name of so-called ‘crossfire’ or ‘encounter’ or ‘gunfight’ in Bangladesh.

An accused operative of outlawed Gono Bahini was killed in ‘crossfire’ between Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) and the outlawed organisation at Durbachara in Kushtia Sadar upazila on 7th September, 2009. The dead was identified as Asraful Islam alias Asha Mondol, 40, son of Monabber Mondol of Durbachara. With this killing a total 681 ‘crossfire’ incidents took place in 10 districts in southwestern region since 2004. Of them, Kushtia is on the top of the list with 237 such cases. Sixteen ‘crossfire’ incidents took place in Kushtia in last 13 days. Source: the daily Star

Government sources said, according to the source, a RAB-12 team raided Durbachara village where some Gono Bahini men, led by Asha, were holding a meeting around 3:45am. Sensing Rab’s presence, the underground operatives opened fire, forcing the law enforcers to retaliate. After the outlaws fled the scene, Asha was found dead on the spot. The RAB members recovered a pipe gun and two bullets from there. Police said Asha, one of the top Gono Bahini cadres, was accused in seven cases including two for murder filed with Kushtia Sadar and Islamic University police stations.

On the other hand, Shafiqul Islam is a youth who was arrested by RAB from Haribhasha bazar in Panchagarh district on 1st September, 2009. But, his family still hasn’t found him, now where he staying. Source: the daily Sangbad.

We had a great hope that Bangladesh Awami League after taking the power they would stop the state killings. Because, the party chief now Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina was given commitment to the nation openly before last general election about the stop of extra judicial killings. In spite of now we are seeing almost every day has been happening state killings.

We strongly say that, extra-judicial killings must stop. The Government must bring those involved in extra-judicial killings to justice. Because state killings totally the violation of constitution. These type of killings and torture are the barrier to establish of rule of law. Our last report on extra judicial killings ‘The Constitution & Court ruling, in spite of…!’

In Bangladesh torture is very open to all during remand or detained. We demand to the government that, torture during remand and confined questioning must be stopped. An accused person must be questioned by the police in the presence of his lawyer. An independent and fair investigation must be carried out relating to the death of detained BDR members. The Bangladesh Government must take the necessary steps to bring of state killings or torture.

Accused of state torture and state killings never comes under trial. Not only that, never hadn’t investigate about the extra judicial killings and state torture. Please see our other report about extra judicial killings in Bangladesh ‘Extra judicial killings & Sheikh Hasina!’

We hope, for safe the democracy, rule of law, human rights, and constitution government should stop all kinds of human rights violation, extra judicial killings, minority-indigenous oppression, women-children torture and journalist’s torture-repression. 9-9-2009

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