Monday, February 1, 2010

Unity of Awami-BNP for minority oppression!

By Jahangir Alam Akash, In Bangladesh, BNP and Awami League were united for their self-interest of Hindu minority persecution. Though, in the political field both of this two big political parties have been quarrel and fight each and other. Nuruzzaman Piter is an influential businessman who is to close with a central leader of BNP and former Mayor of Rajshahi city Mizanur Rahman Minu. On the other side, Jahangir Alam Haran is another great businessman, who is to close with a central leader of Awami League and present Mayor of same city AHM Khairuzzaman Liton.

Both of two businessmen have a land of the middle of Rajshahi city. In front of their land have a small piece of land (one and half Katha) which of owner Hindu minority Gopal Ram and Noresh Ram (both of are brother). One side of the land has a small wheat broken factory. Other side they have been living in a small room. But, the influential’s businessmen were wanted to buy this land of piece for increasing their multistoried building. Owner of that land was denied to sell it. After then the influentials were making conspiracy to evict from hereditary homestead of them and to grab this land. For this they wanted to use Army men.

On 1st January, 2010 Gopal Ram told, this was a house. My older mother was living here. But, the influential’s was destroyed it. When they were doing vandalizing my mother and a daughter of my brother were inside of this house. They would be killed, fortunately they were safe. By brutally they were attacked in the night (at around 3.00am). We were afraid and anxious. Even our lives were hard to safe. In that time nobody was helped us.

They were vandalized our factory and room. A portion of the factory was safe. But, two third portion of our room was destroyed. After this my mother was died few days ago only for overwhelmed with grief of house. Still we are in front of torture. By any means we have been staying here with the life of hand. Of the factory have 440 power lines. It is very risky. In every rainy season here comes horrible scenario. In that time no one can live here. But, we have no alternative.

He also mentioned that, still we weren’t getting justice. Wife of Gopal Ram told, they were looted chair, table, an almirah and other furniture’s. Gopal Ram said, many places I went for help even administration. But nobody helped me. When rain come then the environment of here is unbearable. One side of this room we protect rain by some Polethin then rainfall come into other side. Then again we try to protect that side. The attackers wanted to kill my wife and they also tortured to the children. Many people were seeing their atrocities. But, nobody even administration wasn’t come to protect us. All were seeing and laughing in that time. This type of atrocity was happened in the middle of Rajshahi. Not only that it’s a divisional town it was untellable.

He added that, they were made their multistoried building wall after broken our wall and room. Our house was fine and quite. But suddenly, terrorists group were came here and destroyed. Before that they were threatened to us. I went to local police station and informed to them. The police came and gone after investigation. Later again police was called me. Then I went to the police station with all of our papers. They were took and looking that papers. But, they didn’t take any action.

In this way many days have passed. Then again the attackers were threatened to us. At a stage they were vandalized our room during their building was making. They were destruction our wall by land ditch in side of our house wall. I was tried to protect. I was informed to police and local elites. But, they didn’t take initiative to protect us. Then I was filed a case. I was seeking security from government. The court was an ordered in favor of me. In spite of one day they were attack and rampage our house and factory in the day light. Around thousand people were took part that operation. Haran and Petar also were present in that time. They were possession some portion of our land. When my wife was tried to protect them then they were attempt to murder her. Again I went to the police station. Then police was come to the spot. But, police was told me that, you have to compromised with them. I told, why and what compromised? Where, I would go. I have a bit of land. By this land we are living and doing something for our lives. I have no alternative to operate for the family. But, they have made their building. I was obtained Court decree from Sadar court and from district Judge Court. Indeed, administration could nothing for us. I have continuing the case. But, the opponents have taking time again and again. I have in great trouble. My demand is the, government should to do something for us. We want justice. We are mentally upset. How long we would wait for justice? How would we alive?

Wife of Gopal Ram told, since 2001we are under torture, panic. They didn’t take me some time for cooking. They want to kill us by set fire. They told us that, ‘nobody could anything to them. We have power, we have money. We would manage all the things by money.’

She also said, they are waiting for chance again. With children we are under torturing. In spite of have law but we didn’t get benefit from law. From administration, police, court anywhere we didn’t get helped. To every where they were giving money. Then all of their mouth has stopped. Even an army officer was come and told us that we would destruction your house. Though case has running in the court.

It’s a very common feature of minority oppression in Bangladesh. We believe that, without actual democratic practice, rule of law, good governance and secularism

Minority persecution wouldn’t be stopped. All we of should be unite for establishing the minority rights and for stop minority persecution. At first minority community, civil society and those organizations has working for human rights all of them should be unite and start movement together against human rights violation. If we want to establish the rights of minority then should forget political believe (with Awami League, BNP, Jammat or any other). But, all of we must have political awareness and must be a secular.

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