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Oppressed on the family of Dasharat and justice

By Jahangir Alam Akash, This family was living in the village Jhaluka at Durgapur in Rajshahi of Bangladesh. After horrible persecution they were shifted their living place. Now their large lands of the house is ploughing for crops. This family was oppressed several times during Awami League (2000) and BNP-Jammat (2001) period. The head of this family Dasharat Chandra Kobiraj was honourable to all as a primary school teacher. He was attacked for attempt to murder in 2001. Then after two years he was died. Still this family has waiting to see the justice. Before persecution Dasharat Kobiraj (96) was blocked by the BNP-Jammat cadres with his wife Laxmi Rani in his own house for 22 days.
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Ranojit Chandra Kobiraj is a son of Dasharat Kobiraj. He is a school teacher and he is the general secretary of Puja Udjapon Parishad Rajshahi district unit. We were taking his interview on 3rd January, 2010. He told, After the election of 2001 on 4th October the terrorists of BNP-Jammat government were looted and damaged our house. We are six brothers and one son of a brother were flown from house. After then we couldn’t go t our house. WE also couldn’t growing crops in our lands. From that time we the brothers and nephew have been living in separate places. Now we have made a mango garden in our house lands. Attempt to murder to our father for extortion we were filed case against the cadres of Jote government. But the eye witnesses couldn’t go to court to give their statement or we couldn’t took them in court. Because the fearing of terrorists. So, the case was quit without justice.
Now we the brothers are living in separate places. Two brothers of me are living at Durgapur city and one brother is living at Puthia. Other two we are living here (Amgachi) between. If we have get the legal assistance then we want to justice before our deaths. If the government would take initiative then we must want to get justice. Our failure that we couldn’t take eye witnesses to the court. Nobody didn’t go to court for giving their statement for the afraid of terrorists. On 26th October, 2001 the cadres of jote government were murdered to our father for wanting money as extortion. They seemed that our father was dead. But, fortunately he was alive in that situation. After then he was taking treatment in a hospital. But, he wasn’t cure. We couldn’t give him better treatment for economic reason. And after fighting with die he (Dasharat) was died on 29th August, 2006. He couldn’t death in the land of his house which was getting from his father and grand father. It is a great sorrow to us. But we were buried him there.
Wife od Ranajit Kobiraj told, when we remind that scenario or talk the situation in that time we are feeling very pain in our mind.
When we thought our situation then we are astonished. We couldn’t thinking that painful situation. By any means we are living now. But, we couldn’t see each and other (with our brothers and other relatives). Those who weren’t made statement for that we have no claim. Because we know that they couldn’t6 say anything for fear of terrorists. Even we couldn’t go to court for giving our witness statement. Mind pain have our in mind. We couldn’t do anything. But, we want to justice. If we would see the justice in our life then we would be very happy. Which we have lost we wouldn’t back but if the justice would finish that is our pleasure. Though, father (Dasharat) couldn’t see or know anything. He was gone with great pain in his mind.
Another son of Dasharat told, how could finish justice? Without eye witnesses statement court also nothing to do. So, we wouldn’t get justice. Because for justice should need real eye witness. We were here together with our brothers. Our own group, brother or neighbour what I says we are alone. Lack of own people we had leave this place. We have nobody here. Some people weren’t giving their witness statement for the love of their relatives, group or religious. Court would say that take competent witness. But where we could get witness? So, nobody would give statement. That is why we are put our pain inside of the mind. We are still alive we should take care of our children’s. In 2000 the terrorists were set fire and looted our houses. In that connection we were filed a case. In that case 34 accused were convicted. But, they had gone to higher court. In the high court the case is hanging now. We were tortured two times. At the end we couldn’t live there.
Jogesh Chandra Kobiraj a son of Dasharat told, we are a oppressed family of Jhaluka village. We were filed 6/7 cases against the terrorists which were damaged our house and attacked to our father. Most of the cases were dismissed for continuously threatening. And 2/1 cases we were withdrawn by forcedly. I myself is the plaintiff of the attempt to murder case of my father. Being their threatening we were withdrawn case forcedly. On the other hand we couldn’t found eye witness for continuously threatening by terrorists. By the attacked of terrorists my father was died. In 2000 during the period of Awami League government we were tortured. But, we didn’t get any help from the government in that time. After the election of 2001 we were again oppressed during BNP-Jammat government. In that time also we didn’t get any help from government or administration. Though, after attacked we were scattered from our house. Even the present Awami government has passing their one year time still we didn’t get any help. We are a oppressed family. Then our demand is that, government should remember to us. At least 32 members of Dasharat Kobiraj after persecution we were scattered and living inhumanly with sorrow and pain. Our hope the government should give us an opportunity which would have our dependent to live.

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