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Islamic militancy and an interview

The Human Rights Today report: Militancy or Islamic militancy is one of the greatest component to hampering global peace and happiness. Most of the Asian countries have been facing with this problem. As well as globally militancy is the great hadec. But, why the militancy has been spreading very rapidly in the world? Now it’s a vital question. We want to find out the solution from this problem. How it could possible to uproot the militancy?
Mr. Malay Kumar Bhoumic, a professor of Rajshahi University and renowned an extra ordinary dramatist, columnist of Bangladesh. This interview was taken by Journalist, Writer & Human Rights Defender Jahangir Alam Akash who is also the Editor of the Human Rights Today. His question was to an expert, how to combat the Islamic militancy? Now we want to share this interview with the global readers. Hope after reading and hearing his interview the valuable readers would be interest to giving their opinion on the issue of militancy.
Mr. Malay Bhoumic told, many factors have for the militancy grownup in this region. Economic, political and social are main factors were worked for militancy. We know that, in this sub continent especially in Pakistan and Afghanistan region are facing with militancy. When the Soviet force was In Afghanistan then the USA was tried to defeat or remove to Soviet force by the ISI of Pakistan and was created to Bin Laden or Taliban. So, now this region has facing with militancy. They were showed the way that for compete to opponent how to instigation to militancy and communality? By that continuation in our country vested group for want to going to power and ill motive political interest instigating to militancy and communalism or sactarism. Especially after the killings of Bangabondhu those who were benefited of this murder they were walked in that way in Bangladesh. They were always doing their politics in this way. They were instigated to communality for their political interest. They wanted to establish communality in the politics in Bangladesh. By the political assist or power to make an opportunity or ground for militancy in Bangladesh. In the same time if we see the economic factor then we could see that, we have many poor people. Sometimes poverty has inspired to do bad think or work. When human being living without food then they have no responsible knowledge. With gross poverty inside of human being have no knowledge of ascertaining. So, for them to participate with any extreme work like militancy is not became an unnatural work. Because poverty sometime help to continue with immoral and obstinacy work. If we see terrorism, murder, dacoity etc it’s also may be able to create from extreme poverty. After independence a huge economic discrimination has created this fertile situation in Bangladesh. In Bangladesh where and which areas have flourished militancy there is no food for eating two times in a day of people.
Another side for militancy is that social side. In Bangladesh have no scientific education system. In the mind of people have many types of superstition. In the mind of superstitious and illiterates people could easily push anything in the name of religious faith. If we want to come out from militancy then should think with two sides. That mean I want to say national and international sides. Now the boundary of militancy hasn’t limit with geographical limitations. The network militancy is active in the whole world. Those who are want to dominate to the world they wanted to active of militancy for their own interest. Sometimes they want to combat it. But, they don’t want to uproot of militancy. So for uproot of militancy should need an international preparation. Especially those which country or rich countries want to dominate on the poor countries or want to getting opportunity, from their side should need a unity for uproot the main root of militancy. An internationally should need a separate initiative on militancy.
Another side is the national side. In Bangladesh we have been seeing various type of discriminative education system. If we could start to scientific one way education system then we could uproot militancy in Bangladesh. On the other hand if wouldn’t reduce the economic discrimination then it wouldn’t uprooted. Secular and scientific educations, no communal unity, clean and healthy politics are the highest and big priority for uprooted militancy. I told you that by the unhealthy politics to inspire to militancy. But, I think that to uproot the militancy should need a healthy political trend. But that trend we haven’t seen. Those who are doing politics in the name of progress, in the name of the spirit of freedom fight and secularism they have some guilty in this fault. We can’t see ideological politics. We want to see that politics which could start one way scientific education system could reduce economic discrimination could the people towards progress from backward mind. So, a clean political sprit should need to combat militancy. This matter is very critical. It couldn’t possible to change or success with in a day. But, we want to change by gradually then should establish to a progressive and discrimination less political ideology. By this we could start to combating or uprooting the militancy.

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