Friday, December 11, 2009

Website hosting business in Bangladesh

By Jahangir Alam Akash, The present global age is a digital one. Bangladesh, as a Third World developing country, is not yet up to speed digitally. In Bangladesh, there are no policies for internet business or the internet sector. There are also no cyber laws, which has allowed a lot of crimes to be committed. Internet customers are being harassed by providers. Not only that, but customers are losing their money.

The web hosting sector is especially corrupt. Internet service providers (ISPs) often commit forgery with customers, and the government has no control over the ISP providers. For this reason, the average person is suffering, while providers have been getting money from customers in the name of offering web domain names, hosting, design and registration.

The present government of Bangladesh has declared that they will create a digital Bangladesh. But, the IT sector hasn’t been unified under a policy. Because of this, most IT customers are being cheated by the providers.

In Bangladesh, domain and web providers have sprouted up everywhere, but they have no moral or social obligations. They only want to make money within a short time, so they are cutting the throats of the customers and making huge amounts of money. Some providers don’t give the website controls to the customer, and so have cheated the average customer.

A website owner told to Human Rights Today that he started a website on media and human rights in Bangladesh in 2008, but the provider still hasn’t given him the controls, even though he wanted to have control from the beginning. He mentioned that the provider has hacked into his site in the name of a hacker at least two times.

In light of this situation, he communicated again with the provider to get control of his website. And now is the time for the annual registration renewal. The provider charged around 20,000 Taka for the domain name and hosting registration for the next year. But the provider still didn’t provide control to the website owner.
Mr. William Gomes, a renowned human rights activist and the executive director of the Christian Development Alternative (CDA), told Human Rights Today, “We need a good policy for ISP providers. Otherwise, the problem won’t end.”

We think that the Bangladesh government should immediately form a policy for ISP providers, so that they are accountable to the customer. The government should take action to remove all kinds of irregularities concerning ISP providers, for the digital Bangladesh.

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