Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas, Obama’s Nobel Prize and war

By Jahangir Akash, Jesus Christ was born this month. The whole world has been making preparations to celebrate the holy day of Christmas. The main philosophy of Jesus Christ is peace, love, joy, fellowship, justice, goodwill and harmony. But today's world is lacking peace, love, harmony, joy and fellowship. Most of the peoples of the world are struggling with poverty, discrimination, injustice and inequality. It is a very unfortunate situation for human beings.

In this holy month of December, people feel worried after hearing the sound of war coming from a Nobel award winner. Mr. Barak Hussein Obama is the most discussed personality in the world. He already is identified by people as a controversial and wartime president. He has received criticism from different sectors, including from his own country's citizens.

Recently, the Obama Administration gave the orders to send another 30.000 troops to Afghanistan. Mr. Obama said that within one and half years, the Afghan war would be finished. But experts say that war is always uncertain, so no one can say that the war will finish within the time frame. The United States and its allies have been fighting the Taliban and Islamic militants for the last eight years. Already, around 1.000 American soldiers have been killed during this period. But bin Laden has yet to be found.

The Afghans had the experience of fighting the Soviet army for ten long years, before the Soviets withdrew their forces from Afghanistan. At that time, the United States had been supporting Islamic forces in Afghanistan against the Soviet Union. At one time, the United States and Pakistan worked together to help the Taliban gain the seat of power in Kabul. Most of the Afghan people do not support the presence of NATO forces in Afghanistan. The Taliban have been taking advantage of this opportunity. It's only right for Afghan people to settle the problems of Afghanistan.

Obama has not learned from the Vietnam War. The situation of Afghanistan will not be improved by the controversial president of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai. It is not possible for an outside force to solve Afghanistan's problems. The people of the world were hoping that Mr. Obama would work for peace. If he would work for world peace, then his name would be written on the pages of history. Why NATO has continued operating when other similar organizations like CENTO have been abolished for a long time? For the sake of world peace, NATO should be abolished. Applied force and war will not solve any problems.

Obama has tried to prove the legitimacy of the Afghan war, even while he was receiving the Nobel Peace Prize. It is true that Islamic militancy is a great threat to peace, there is no doubt that the Taliban and other Islamic militants are enemies of progress, democracy and humanity. Indeed, had not want no one should. Because had means death, torture and the violation of human rights. Women and children would always be victimized by was. War can never bring peace and happiness.

Most Asian countries have been suffering from great poverty, illiteracy, discrimination, injustice, politics mixing with religion, Islamic militancy, inequality, genocide, violence against women, trafficking, indignity, and a lack of good governance, democratic practices and the rule of law . The question is, in this situation, how can we build a secular and peaceful society and world?

The people do not want more of the world was, violence, poverty, human rights violations, genocide or discrimination. We need love, peace, justice, dignity and equality. Merry Christmas! Hope, peace and love will win.

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