Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Victimized by cyber crime

On November 25 to 4 December 2009, the secular and free website Humanrightstoday.info was hacked for three times. It was a web news portal about human rights, press freedom, minority oppression, peace, democracy and advocacy for those people who have no voice, specifically in Bangladesh.

The website was operated from Bangladesh by me (journalist Jahangir Alam Akash). I was brutally tortured by the elite force RAB, because I disclosed the inhuman atrocities committed by the RAB in Bangladesh. Because of my profession, I have made an enemy of Islamic militant groups, a few corrupt politicians and a few influential members of the administration.

After my torture, I started the Humanrightstoday.info website. Then I went to Germany, and I continued to operate my site from Germany. The site had been gaining in popularity. It was the only site that published the actual facts and figures regarding human rights, press freedom and minority oppression in Bangladesh. However, I do not have the economic means to continue operating the site, so now I have started my own blog (http://jaakash.wordpress.com).

I am a professional journalist, writer and human rights defender based in Bangladesh. I am the editor of Humanrightstoday.info. I have worked with Radio German-DW; Ekushey TV; CSB News; the oldest Bengali newspaper in Bangladesh, the Daily Sangbad; Dainik Bangla; Ajker Kagoj; the New Nation; the Morning Sun; APB; etc.

I have also worked as a regional coordinator for the Bangladesh Rehabilitation Center for Trauma Victims (BRCT). I was the general secretary of the Rajshahi Union of Journalists, Rajshahi University Press Club, and an executive member of the Bangladesh Federal Union of Journalists (BFUJ). I have also been involved with cultural organizations. I was the publicity secretary of the historical cultural organization of Bangladesh, Udichi Shilpi Goshthi of Rajshahi district unit.

Every day around the world, cyber crime is happening, yet the perpetrators of cyber crime are escaping punishment, even though the big and rich countries have good laws against cyber crime.

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