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Minority-indigenous torture and Islamic militancy grownup in Bangladesh

By Jahangir Alam Akash: Bangladesh has multiple problems. Minority-indigenous peoples, BDR men and accused terrorists have no rights to live in Bangladesh. We had hoped that, present government will taken measure to stop these. And the government established a torture free, lawful and equal society give us. But, now our hoping is decreasing day by day. Government actually felt to cover billed up good governance and rule of law.
In Bangladesh one side is going extra judicial killings by the state and another side has been massively going minority and indigenous repression. In the same time, one after another BDR men has dead unnaturally. Islamic militancy has grown up every day with new dye mention.
Again an indigenous woman was raped in Bangladesh. Some days before one Hindu minority women was killed after gang raped. Victim of rape on 31st July, 2009 afternoon, a physically challenged indigenous girl is fighting for life at Khagrachari Adhunik Sadar Hospital. The alleged rapist is identified as Mohammad Nazrul Islam, 25 a staff of a national NGO and a resident of Fatikchari in Chittagong district. (

Bangladeshi English newspaper the daily Star writes, on 31st July afternoon, the girl was alone at her house at Baradom village under Dighinala Upazila in Khagrachhari district when Nazrul entered there in the name of drinking water, Dighinalla police said. After violating the physically and mentally challenged girl, Nazrul run away, leaving her seriously injured, police said. Locals rushed her too Dighinala Upazila Heallth Complex from where she was referred to Khagrachari Adhunik Sadar Hospital, Dighinala; police station Officer-in-Charge Subash Chandra Pal, said. “A case was filed accusing Nazrul Isllam and I have raided several places with my police force to arrest the culprit, “he said. (Please watch minority torture:
The victim is under special care as her condition is critical, said Dr. Mohammad Rafiq of Khagrachhari Adhhunik Sadar Hospital. Hill women’s federation leaders in a protest meeting at Muktamanchha in Khagrachari town yesterday demanded arrest and punishment of the culprit. Earlier hundreds of activists of Hill Women’s Federation brought out protest procession that paraded the main roads of Khagrachari town.
In Bangladesh, a Hindu housewife Anguri Biswas (23) was abductedforcefully and taken to other places for killing or for trafficking on 2nd July, 2009 at Rajoir in Madaripur district. ( Another Hindu woman Radha Rani Halder (28) in Shoriotpur was gang raped recently. (
After BDR mutiny many Bangladesh Rifles (BDR) member have been died unnaturally. Allegations have most of the BDR members were dead after torture in custody during interrogation. Another BDR man Habilder M Shahid ullah was dead on 2nd July, 2009. Bangladeshi newspaper the daily Star writes Shahid ullah 'died of chest pain' at the BDR hospital of the Pilkhana headquarters, raising the death toll to 35 since the BDR mutiny on February 25-26. New Market police recovered the body of havilder Mohammad Shahid Ullah, 47, from BDR hospital in the afternoon and sent it to Dhaka Medical College Hospital morgue for autopsy. OC of the police station said Shahid was not accused in the mutiny case.
BDR Public Relations Officer Muhammad Muhasin Reza told that Shahid, hailing from Mithanala village of Mirersarai upazila in Chittagong district, was recently transferred to the mechanical department of the headquarters from the BDR Company in Khulna. SI Abdul Aziz of the police station said they recovered the body following the complaint lodged by another BDR havilder Azadur Rahman. Quoting Azad, SI Aziz said Shahid and Azad were working in the BDR workshop along with their colleagues and at about 8:30am, Shahid complained of chest pain and was soon admitted to the BDR hospital. Shahid died shortly afterwards, Azad added. (
Islamic militancy still in Bangladesh has been grownup. Every day they have changing their strategy. Arrested militants were disclosed this important information. The daily Star writes, Intelligence agencies have come to know about covert activities of an Islamist organization in the country and its close link with the banned outfit Jama'atul Mujahideen Bangladesh. Officials said they have only learnt the name of the new outfit, Jamaat-e-Muslimeen, and its "dawati" (invitational) activities. (Please watch Islamic militancy:
JMB's explosives expert Zahidul Islam Sumon alias "Boma" Mizan disclosed the name and the limited activities of Jamaat-e-Muslimeen to law enforcers during his interrogation at the task force for intelligence cell, they said. Mizan told them that a member of JMB's highest decision-making body Majlish-e-Shura and the outfit's IT wing chief Sayem maintain contact with Jamaat-e-Muslimeen. He also revealed that a few members of the new outfit joined the JMB recently.
However, the law enforcers could not know anything about the leadership and detailed activities of Jamaat-e-Muslimeen from Mizan, but they suspect that the organisation is carrying out invitational activities under the banner of Dawat-e-Islam at different mosques in the capital. "Many JMB members we have arrested in recent times told us that they were members of Dawat-e-Islam and were first inspired in jehadi spirit through its activities. They later joined JMB," said a top official of a law enforcement agency. JMB is responsible for carrying out a number of deadly bomb and grenade attacks including the countrywide synchronized bomb attacks in 2005.
Dawat-e-Islam is on the list of 33 militant organizations the law enforcement agencies have identified either for having direct involvement in militant activities or for suspected involvement in militancy in the country. Apart from JMB, the government has so far banned three other Islamist militant organizations--Harkatul Jihad al Islami, Jagrata Muslim Janata Bangladesh, and Shahadat-e al Hikma. The other listed outfits are Hizb-ut Towhid, Allahr Dal, Islami Samaj, Al Harat al Islamia, Jama'atul Faliya, Towhidi Janata, Biswa Islami Front, Juma'atul al Sadat, Shahadat-e-Nabuwat, Jama'at-e Yahia al Turat, Jaish-e Mostafa Bangladesh, Al Jihad Bangladesh, Warat Islamic Front, Jamaat-as-Sadat, Al Khidmat, Harkat-e-Islam al Jihad, Hizbullah Islami Samaj, Muslim Millat Sharia Council, World Islamic Front for Jihad, Jaish-e Mohammad, Hizbul Mahadi, Kalemar Dawat, Islami Dawati Kafela, Al Islam Martyrs Brigade, Dawat-e Islam, Tanzim, Hizb e Abu Omar, and Jadid al-Qaeda Bangladesh.
The intelligence official said they have not yet found any link between Bangladesh-based Dawat-e-Islam and the Pakistan-based international Islamic organisation Dawat-e-Islami. Police and Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) in a raid on Patharghata area of Chittagong on April 13 held seven members of the Pakistan-based Dawat-e-Islami, which operates in 70 countries, on suspicion of their link with militant activities. During the raid the law enforcers seized nine passports, four computers, one scanner and one printer, CDs and VCDs, booklets and leaflets on the teachings of Islam and some documents. (Please watch Islamic militancy:
Eight days later, a Chittagong court acquitted the detained Dawat-e-Islami members of the charges as police investigation did not find their involvement in militant activities. "Apart from police, officials of a few intelligence agencies interrogated the arrestees but their involvement in any militant activity was not found," Sub-Inspector Swapan Kumar Saha, the investigation officer of the case, told. "We have information that Jamaat-e-Muslimeen and Bangladesh-based Dawat-e-Islam is the same organization," a top Rab official said, adding that they heard the name of Dawat-e-Islam long ago. He said they are now investigating the networks, activities and leadership of Jamaat-e-Muslimeen. (
On the other hand, Law enforcers arrested six members of Harkatul Jihad al Islami on 1st August, 2009 as part of an initiative to track down all accused in different cases filed in connection with grenade and bomb attacks and militant activities in the last one decade. Sources in Rapid Action Battalion said as its intelligence wing had started gathering information on the accused it learnt about the banned militant outfit's attempts to smuggle in arms through Naikhangchhari border in Bandarban. They also learnt that Harkatul Jihad (Huji) was recruiting members.
At a press briefing at the Rab headquarters yesterday the Rab officially disclosed the arrest of the six Huji activists during an overnight raid on areas in the capital and elsewhere in the country. The arrestees are Abul Khair of Manikganj, Maulana Mohammad Musa of Chandpur, Abdul Aziz of Feni, Rezaul Karim and Anwar Uddin Javed of Chakaria in Cox's Bazar, and Abdullah Al Hossain of Banshkhali in Chittagong. Abdul Aziz is a land broker while others are either madrasa teachers or imams of mosques. RAB officials said the Huji men were taken back to the areas where they were arrested and that they will be produced before the courts concerned 2nd August.
The arrestees will also be taken on remand for interrogation about the latest activities of Huji. These six Huji members were among the 41 militants who had been arrested with firearms and grenades at a Huji den in the deep forest of Ukhia in Cox's Bazar on February 19, 1996. Accused in a case filed in this connection, all 41 were convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment in 1998. Five of the accused--Abu Zafar, Aminur Rahman, Abu Abbas, Abdul Mannan and Abu Sufian--are already behind bars. Reading out a written statement at the press briefing, Rab Additional Director General Col Mizanur Rahman Khan said the six arrestees were freed on bail from the higher court in December 2002. RAB sources said 15 other accused fled the country following the announcement of the sentence. Other fugitives include Myanmarese citizen and Huji leader Nurul Islam and Abu Jehad who founded the militant organisation Islami Jihad Andolon in 2005 after leaving Huji.
In Bangladesh has state killings going smoothly. In the name of combat the terrorism RAB and other law enforcers have been doing extra judicial killings openly. Government sources said, a regional leader and a top cadre of Janajuddho faction of the outlawed Purbo Banglar Communist Party (PBCP-ML) were shot dead in a "shootout" between their cohorts and police at Beel Amla in Mirpur upazila 2nd August, 2009. The deceased, Jahangir Alam, 36, and Yarul Islam, 32, were from Khalishakundi in Daulatpur upazila in Kushtia. Jahangir was the regional leader of the outfit. Acting on a tip-off, separate teams of Daulatpur and Mirpur police swooped on the north side of GK (Ganges-Kabadak) main canal, where a meeting was being held by Jahangir at about 5:00am. As police reached the place, Janajuddho men opened fire forcing them to retaliate.
The gunfight ended when the cadres stopped firing and fled the scene. Later, police found two dead bodies lying in a pool of blood. Police recovered two pistols and 12 bullets from the spot. Police said both Jahangir and Yarul were top wanted outlaws in the district. Jahangir was a convicted criminal. He was awarded 10 years imprisonment in an extortion case two years ago. He was also accused in at least 10 cases including five for murder. Yarul was accused of several murders in the district with a number of other crimes including extortion and robbery filed with Mirpur and Daulatpur police stations. (Please watch extra judicial killings;
But, actual truth is difference. Government has never saying truth about extra judicial killings. Even our media have been also writing almost every day false statement about extra judicial killings. In reality is that, never were made gunfight or real crossfire or encounter with terrorism between law enforcers. Actually they made direct fired to the suspect or accused terrorists. (
We do want remember to the government this month is very important for Bangalee nation. In this month we lost our father of the nation Bangabondhu and other 17 members of his family in 1975, August 15. And in 21August of 2004 we lost 24 peoples including our great leader from women Ivee Rahman. In that day the killers would have to kill our great leader and present honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. So, the conspiraciars haven’t sitting. We getting information from various sources that, they maybe gross attack in anytime. Especially Islamic militants would do this work. So, be aware.
We want to say and we want demand that government immediately form a public enquiry committee for investigate of all kinds of minority oppression, harassment, loot-grabbing, rape, gang rape and also all kinds of human rights violation since independence. And only investigate is not enough, we think that those who are involved with minority oppression and human rights violation should give exemplary punishment to them. Otherwise never could to establish rule of law. If government want to do these then firstly should want re-established of our constitution 1972. Secondly immediately should finish the trial of war criminal, jail murder case and Bangabondhu murder case and should give punished to the accused. As well as, should need to stop strictly to the Islamic militant. Otherwise we have no alternative in front of us for establishing to peace and happiness. (
We want government immediately should have taken realistic action to stop Islamic militancy, extra judicial killings, minority and indigenous oppression for the protection of peace, democracy, and rule of law, good governance and human rights. And for that, to essential to reestablished the 1972 constitution and remove the Islamization from state.

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