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Islamization minority oppression and peace in Bangladesh

By Jahangir Alam Akash
In Bangladesh crime against humanity is very popular form. Especially, the crime has been happening on the minorities. Almost every day minority peoples are going to our neighbor country India. Women and young women of minorities are always feared for their security.
Peace, good governance, rule of law and actual democracy is a golden dear in Bangladesh. Almost every day perpetrators are getting impunity from the state. As a result, day by day has increasing all kinds of bad activity in my dear Bangladesh. In the same time, increase communalism very speedily. And our religious minorities are sufferings very badly.
Majority Muslims are occupying their land, torturing them and rape minority women. It is common practice. Everything has been happening in front of the eyes of government. Though, our present ruling party men al times telling that, they are non communal. But, they felt to stop the minority oppression. Still in Bangladesh has happening minority torture.
We see from the media that, ruling party men are grabbed land of minority’s. The peoples of Bangladesh have not forgotten the minority oppression after the general election of 2001. It is true that, grievous troubled was faced our minority peoples in BNP-Jammat-E-Islam alliance government regime from 2001 to 2006. In that period of BNP-Jammat ruling political party men were made violence, killings, gang rapes and destruction on the minorities.
After nine months freedom fight was born Bangladesh. And then confirmed four main components for the nation name democracy nationalism, secularism and socialism. With an almost good constitution Bangladesh had started go to in front way. Though, that constitution was not recognizing our indigenous community. Still indigenous peoples are not recognizing by the constitution.
But, within four years was breakdown and to stooped our first constitution by the national and international conspiracies with the help of anti liberation force. Present government has owned by absolute majority. If they want then it’s no matter for reestablish of the 1972 constitution. But the government has passed seven months; still they don’t have taken any measure.
The minorities of Bangladesh have witnessed large-scale violence, cultural genocide and discrimination and bias at the hands of all the successive governments in perpetual order. Having lost 30 million people, 2 and half million acres of land, hundreds of homicides, vandalisation of more than 25,000 units of minority property, scores of organized gang rapes, state sponsored violence against women and children of the minority community have been witnessed in the state of Bangladesh.
Under the gross plane of Islamization the preamble of the constitution of Bangladesh has been amended with the words "pledging that the high ideals of absolute trust and faith in the Almighty Allah..." and in the process the word "secularism" has been dropped. The constitution, in fact, makes its beginning with the words Bismillah-ar-rahman-ar-rahim. In Bangladesh, everywhere has completing Islamization. So, always minorities are target by majority Muslim.
In thie situation, we demand that the unconstitutional provision as to the state religion which is vocative of the fundamental principle of the Constitution of Bangladesh shall have to repeal. Bengali nationalism and secularism shall have to be re-established all activities of discrimination, disparity, arrests, torture, detention and oppression on the member of the religious minorities as well as general peoples shall have to be stopped.
We want repeal 5th and 8th amendments of the Constitution. We don’t want a religious state, we want a secular state. We want the re-establishment of a secular and democratic state bereft of all disparities on the basis of Bengali Nationalism in the light of the four fundamental state principles which constitute the basic consciousness of the War of Liberation. And it was a great dream of father of the nation Bangabondhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. We want equal rights in all spheres of life including defense, foreign affairs, government administration, government controlled institutions, state policy making bodies, industries and commerce. We believe that after all, without equal and balance and with inequality as a Bangalee we never can say that we are civilized nation. So, in the state everywhere should established accountability, rule of law, good governance, and actual practice of democracy.
We want more that fulfill all the legitimate demands of the aboriginal and tribal communities including preservation of their own culture and heritage and implement CHT peace Treaty. Implement vested property return act with the provision of inheritance. We want resist communalism, fundamentalism and fanaticism, should stop all kinds of religious discrimination, deprivation atrocities, persecution and harassment.
Lastly we want to say and we want demand that government immediately form a public enquiry committee for investigate of all kinds of minority oppression, harassment, loot-grabbing, rape, gang rape and also all kinds of human rights violation since independence. And only investigate is not enough, we think that those who are involved with minority oppression and human rights violation should give exemplary punishment to them. Otherwise never could to establish rule of law. If government want to do these then firstly should want re-established of our constitution 1972. Secondly immediately should finish the trial of war criminal, jail murder case and Bangabondhu murder case and should give punished to the accused. As well as, should need to stop strictly to the Islamic militant. Otherwise we have no alternative in front of us for establishing to peace and happiness. 2.8.2009
Writer: Jahangir Alam Akash, Editor of the Human Rights Today, Bangladesh
Journalist, writer and human right defender based in Bangladesh.
I can be reached by email at

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