Sunday, August 2, 2009

Indigenous and minority community wants to get their constitutional rights

Bangladesh has got independence since 1971. After independence the peoples was got good constitution which was made in 1972. But after the killings of the nation Bongobondhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman peoples of Bangladesh has lost this constitution. Army men especially General Ziaur Rahman and General HM Ershad were broken our constitution. And then, put Islam in the constitution by arm force. Still we have been carrying the black spot.
In Bangladesh the brutal persecution on the religious Christian minority and ethnic Indigenous are rolling on in a stream roller mode. Until now the persecution that the both community faced never saw that light of justice. The culture of justice denial is the root of all persecution on the ethnic and religious minorities and it’s not the partial but a whole part of criminal justice system in Bangladesh.
The General Zia and his ancestors introduced the persecution on the minorities in Bangladesh. Bangladesh was blessed with the Islamization by the mechanism under military regime in absence of parliamentarian democracy. Bangladesh was not born with blessings to be communal but with a spirit of Islamization but a secular policy. The attack on the religious minority bring with the idea of “Islam in the constitution”.
The communal spirit began with the political motive and end with mass destruction such as attack on present prime minister S Hasina Wazed back in the year 2001. The victims of the brutal attack are still looking forward for justice. At the Baniar chor catholic church in moksedpur of Goplagonj, at that time Bomb attack 10 were killed and 20 others were badly injured.In 1998 an indigenous leader Alfred Soren was killed brutally by the vested quarter. In the day of the attack the perpetrators fired the house and looted the house and demolished the belongings. Until now the people and family members never have seen the light of the Justice. Richil died in custody on March 18, 2007 following Army brutal torture. Richil’s civil rights were grossly violated by government’s agent. It puzzles us why the government has not yet made proper investigation to unearth the mystery behind the tribal leader’s death. The perpetrators of this crime should not receive impunity. The killing of Choles is not filled as case until now. The minor in minority the converted Christian from Islam Dr.Goni Gomes was killed by the Islamic militant.
In midst of 1979 to 1981 the indigenous people become cornered by the main land landless people in process of their rehabilitation by the government. The child klanto chiham was killed who was a ill fated 10 years old indigenous child killed by the brutal teachers after torture at Maymansingh . The dacoit killed a Christian school teacher Mangsang at Madhupur in Tangail.
The constitution did not give proper identity to the indigenous peoples. This is Bangladesh! We demand that these persecutions should stop right now and government should give all rights to them and bring the perpetrators under law. In Bangalee Indigenous peoples has not recognize our constitution.
Now Bangladesh Awami League (BAL) in power of Bangladesh. BAL was led our independence fought. So, peoples hope that present government should clean the black spot from our constitution and they rein stead of the constitution of 1972. We hope, this government should do constitutional zed of our minority and Indigenous peoples rights.
If the government wants to do something for minority community then it’s not a matter for them. But for this should need real wish and fresh good plan. So, we want to see rule of law, secularism and the equality everywhere in Bangladesh which will be implement by the government.

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