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It’s a black chapter?

By Jahangir Alam Akash, Why the conscious citizens of Bangladesh have been silent on extra judicial killings? We don’t know. Every day, the law enforcers are violating to the constitution, law, international treaty in Bangladesh. In last government regime both army backed caretaker and BNP-Jammat those were shouted against extra judicial killings now they are totally silent. Though, a few human rights organization and personalities are still shouting against this sensational issue. But, it is very exceptional. What are doing by RAB in Bangladesh in the name of combating the terrorism? I am a close eye witness regarding state torture. RAB wanted to kills me in the name of so-called crossfire or encounter or gunfight. But, fortunately still I am in alive. I seem every movement that, I was obtained a new life. Article 3 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights guarantees the rights to life, liberty and security of person. Not only that, article 35(5) of the Constitution of Bangladesh has guarantees against torture. In spite of, in Bangladesh has going on torture and killings by the state. In Bangladesh, three more people were killed in ‘crossfire’ in Dhaka, Kushtia and Pabna early on 7th October, 2009. Source: the daily Sangbad, 8th October, 2009. The latest incidents took to 105 the total death figure from such extrajudicial killing such as ‘crossfire’ or ‘encounter’ or ‘gunfight’ by the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) and the police since January 6 when the Awami League-led government assumed office. The deceased were Hedayet Ullah alias Julhas, 30, of Hazaribagh in Old Town of capital Dhaka, Sunnat Ali, 36, Moktar Hossain, 30. All of them are accused criminals or terrorists. Previous report: Extra judicial killing lists stands 103 in present Awami regime By Jahangir Alam Akash, Rule of law is one kind of golden dear in Bangladesh. In Bangladesh has no right to life. An extra judicial killing has not stopped in Bangladesh. Two more people were killed in ‘crossfire’ with law enforcers in Faridpur and Chuadanga early on October, 6, 2009. Source: the New Age, 7.10.2009. With these took to 103 the total death figure from such extrajudicial killing such as ‘crossfire’ or ‘encounter’ by the Rapid Action Battalion and the police since January 6 when the Awami League-led government assumed office. The deceased were Korban Ali, 42, of Chuadanga was killed by police, and Mohammad Labhlu Bepari, 34, of Faridpur was killed by RAB. Both were accused criminals. On the other hand, in capital Dhaka three were killed by RAB and police on 5th October, 2009. The killed are Jane Alam Sohel, 26, Saizuddin Sazu, 30 and Pichi Abul, 32. Link of the previous report: Bangladesh government has decided that, crossfire or extra judicial killings to continue. Though, this government was committed to stop extra judicial killings in front of the international community. On 3rd October, 2009 another more two persons were killed in extra judicial killings. This, latest incident of extrajudicial killing took to 98 the number of total death figure from incidents such as ‘crossfire’ or ‘encounter’ or ‘gunfight’ after January 6 when the Bangladesh Awami League-led government assumed office. The government will need to continue with extrajudicial killing, commonly called ‘crossfire,’ until terrorist activities and extortion is uprooted, said a senior minister in Sheikh Hasina’s cabinet. Source: the New Age, 4.10.2009 Sources said, ‘A time will come when it will no longer be required,’ said the shipping minister, Shahjahan Khan, as he answered a question at the BBC’s Bangladesh Sanglap at the Bangabandhu International Conference Centre on 3rd October, 2009. ‘No government wants to continue with extrajudicial killing. But we need to understand the reality. There are incidents trial of which is not possible under laws of the land,’ Shahjahan said, adding the government has no other option. He also said, ‘Nobody is interested in filing cases against the criminals who carry out terrorist act one after another. Under the circumstances what other option is left for the government?’ Three other Panelists of the dialogue and most of the audience were, however, opposed to the minister’s stand on the ‘crossfire’ as a means to end terrorist activities. In reply to a question, BNP leader Iqbal Hasan Mahmud said although the practice began during the immediate-past BNP government, it has now become clear that terrorist activities cannot be stopped even with ‘crossfire.’ ‘The practice of crossfire must be brought to an end as many good people are being killed,’ the former minister said. Two more accused extremists were killed in the ‘crossfire’ with law enforcers in Chuadanga and Khulna on 3rd October, 2009. The deceased were Abu Sayeed Sarkar, also known as Ranga Sayeed, 32, and Abdur Rashid, also known as Mollah Rashid, 42. Previous report link: By Jahangir Alam Akash, Extra judicial killings is a great human rights violation as well as its violation of the constitution and Universal Declaration of human rights. In spite of, extra judicial killings is going on in Bangladesh. Another one was killed in the name of so-called gunfight by joint forces (including RAB) on 1st October, 2009 at a garden of Chulkati-Niklepur in the Bagerhat district headquarters. Source: the New Age, 2.10.2009. The deceased was Reazul Haque Masud, also known as Bidi Masud, a resident of Kathal in the upazila. He is an accused criminal. This, latest incident of extrajudicial killing took to 96 the number of total death figure from incidents such as ‘crossfire’ or ‘encounter’ or ‘gunfight’ after January 6 when the Bangladesh Awami League-led government assumed office. On the other hand, Habibur Rahman Mithu, 32, was a injured with bulet in same way so-called gunfight by Rab on 1st October, 2009 in Barisal. He was president of Agorpur union Jubo League under Babuganj upazila. Source: the daily Star, 2.10.2009 Previous report: ‘A false story about crossfire’ By Jahangir Alam Akash, Peoples of the Bangladesh are very well know about o-called crossfire/encounter/gunfight. After every extra judicial killings government was served a statement which was totally false story about the extra judicial killings. 95 peoples were killed by the state in the name of so-called crossfire or encounter or gunfight in the regime of present Awami League government since January 7 to September 30, 2009. An accused terrorist was killed in so-called ‘crossfire’ with the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) at Faizullapur of Bheramara in Kushtia early on 30th September, 2009. The deceased, Asha alias Daku Asha, 35, was a resident of Raita at Bheramara. Source: the New Age, 1st October, 2009. With Asha’s killed, the total killed figure from incidents of extrajudicial killing such as ‘crossfire’ or ‘encounter’ or ‘gunfight’ rose to 5 after January 6 when the Awami League-led government assumed office. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, Home Minister Sahara Khatun and state Minister for Home Shamsul Haque Tuku were taken the side for extra judicial killings direct or indirectly. Every extra judicial killings are the violation of constitution, International human rights treaty as well as rule of law. Previous report 94 were killed extra judicially in present Awami League government By Jahangir Alam Akash, Another person was killed in extra judicially by police in Chuadanga on 28th September, 2009. Government sources said, Kamirul Islam alias Hamidul, 45, of Chualia village under Damurhuda upazila was a regional leader of the outlawed Lal Pataka, one of the factions of Purbo Banglar Communist Party. He was also a close associate of Lal Pataka founder Rony Biswas, who was killed in so-called encounter with Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) in 2008. Now stands extra judicially killed peoples totally 94 from January, 7 to September 26, 2009 in Bangladesh. Our demand is that, the government should immediately stop all types of extrajudicial killings as well as human rights violation. Previous report: Crossfire will be continue-Sheikh Hasina! By Jahangir Alam Akash, The government of Bangladesh has taken the line extra judicial killings. Being a Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina also said extra judicial will go on. Though she was not told directly but she said indirectly clearly in favor of crossfire. It is very unfortunate for rule of law, democracy, constitution, Universal Declaration of human rights as well as the peoples of Bangladesh which was told our popular Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in New York. Sheikh Hasina talked with journalists in New York on 27th September, 2009. In that time on ‘crossfire’ she said, “I do not believe in extrajudicial killings. But if anyone launches an armed attack (on a law-enforcer), then none can get killed like sitting ducks.” Source: So, now we can say that, BNP-Jammat government was correct regarding crossfire? What about her (Sheikh Hasina) expression in this point, nation wants to know. Before her, Home Minister and state minister for Home were told same words. Previous report: ‘Extra judicial killings increasing in Bangladesh’ By Jahangir Alam Akash, Another person’s identified as Foshier Rahman Shanu, 42 was killed extra judicially by police in Sundorban, Khulna on 26th September, 2009. Now stands extra judicially killed peoples totally 93 from January, 7 to September 26, 2009 in Bangladesh. Previous report: ‘Extra judicial killings and Awami League government’ By Jahangir Alam Akash, In Bangladesh going on gross human rights violation by the extra judicial killings. We seem government doesn’t want to obey the rule of law, constitution, Universal Declaration of human rights. Otherwise they would try to stop state killings in the name of so-called gunfight, encounter or crossfire. Two more peoples were killed in extra judicial killings by police and RAB. The killed Johnny, 28, was killed on 26th September at Mirpur in Dhaka by police. Another killed Mohon was killed by police and RAB on same day at Doulotpur in Kushtia. Both of killed are accused criminals. With these two, 92 were killed by state forces in last January, 7 to September 26, 2009 Previous report about extra judicial killings: ‘90 were killed extra judicially’ By Jahangir Alam Akash, Why the present government become a killers? Day by day has increasing the killings of extra judicial killings in Bangladesh. Another three were killed in extra judicial killings on 25th September, 2009. With these at least 90 peoples were killed by the state forces RAB-police in the name of so-called crossfire or encounter or gunfight in the present Mohajote (grand alliance) government led by Bangladesh Awami League from January, 7 to September 25, 2009. Two more accused criminals were killed in the name of encounter by RAB in Kushtia on 25th September, 2009. The killed are Aroz Ali, 36, and Edu Mondol, 40. Only in Kushtia at least 20 persons were killed in extra judicial killings by RAB and police in last one month. On the other hand a C&F businessman Abul Kalam Rana (40) was killed by RAB after brutally tortured in their custody in the same day in the capital of Dhaka. Another attempted to the extra judicial killings were happened by RAB in Mohammadpur of capital Dhaka on 24th September night. After shooting three persons were seriously injured. They were identified as Shakil, Faruk & Rana. They were admitted to the Pangu (disabled) Hospital. Previous report: ‘No right to life and human rights’! By Jahangir Alam Akash, In Bangladesh has no right to life. Actually in practice there are no human rights. Almost every day peoples has been killed in extra judicial killings by so-called elite force Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) or by police. There is a common consensus that very poor governance, corruption and nepotism have severely undermined the rule of law including safeguards in the constitution to protect fundamental rights. This type of killings is a criminal’s offence. But, the government hasn’t taken departmental and criminal action against those who perpetrate such killings in custody and outside. Another citizen of Bangladesh was killed by government force. An accused extremist Rashedul Islam was killed in the name of so-called gun battle with the police early on 23rd September, 2009 in Kushtia. Rashed, is the son of late Rustam Ali of Mill Line Bhataparha of Kushtia Sadar. Source: With this killed person stood of the killed lists is 44 in last 54 days from 1st August to 23rd September, 2009 in Bangladesh. Previous report: At least 43 peoples were killed in last 50 days from 1st August to 19th September, 2009 in Bangladesh. Last killing was happened in Pabna on 19th September, 2009. An accused regional leader of outlawed Janajuddho was killed by police in the name of ‘crossfire’ at Nandanpur under Pabna Sadar Upazila. The dead, Sukkur Ali alias Boma Sukkur, 30, was son of Abdul Hakim Pramanik of Nandanpur village. Source: the daily Star, 20.9.2009 It is our great question that has in Bangladesh any rule of law, human rights, democracy and good governance? In Bangladesh have no right to life. Every day peoples has been killed in extra judicial killings by so-called elite force Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) or by police. Previous report: ‘Killing by government: violation of constitution and UN universal declaration’. We seem that, all the institutional system like judiciary, rule, law, regulations, and constitution, national assembly has been disabled. Not only that, the media role regarding so-called crossfire, gunfight or encounter is very bad. They only are publishing a normal report about the so-called shootout every day by the direction of RAB or police. Previous report: ‘If government wants to do continue extra judicial killings!’ But, they didn’t try to cover as an investigator or as a responsible media. Because we know very well that, media should always publish real figure facts for the peoples and its’ they’re professional duties. Every peoples have right to know. But, the media of Bangladesh didn’t show their actual duties about the murders of state. Links of the previous reports: Though, some human-rights organizations have long been asking the government to stop the killings terming them extra judicial. On the other hand, the High Court on 29th June, 2009 asked to the government to explain why killing without trial in extra judicial killings will not be declared illegal, and why departmental and criminal actions should not be taken against those who perpetrate such killings in custody and outside. After this ruling what happened, we don’t know. But, extra judicial killings are going on by violating the highest Court ruling. How it continuing? It’s very alarming for human rights, democracy as well as right to life. RAB was killed an alleged criminal Mohammad Ali, 25 at Mirpur outer Stadium on 18th September, 2009. Other unidentified one was killed in Chawgachha of Jessore by the police on same day. Mohammad Ali was killed at around 2:45am. Unidentified accused mugger was killed at Jessore-Chawgachha road at about 2:00am. Source: the daily Star, 19th September, 2009. Government source told, 577 people were killed in extra judicial killings in 472 incidents until August 31, 2009 since the formation of the elite force RAB on March 26, 2004 in the regime of BNP-Jammat. With these killing, the total of such extra-judicial killings to 42 in over six weeks from August 1 to September 18 in 2009 with them 19 such killings in August and 23 were in last 18 days. The government of Bangladesh has been violating the constitution and Universal Declaration of Human Rights day after day since 2004. With the direction of the article 35(5) of the constitution of Bangladesh and the article 5 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, ‘No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment’. And according to the article 3 of the constitution of Bangladesh ‘everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.’ But in practice in Bangladesh has no right to life and not executed the Universal Declaration of human rights and the Constitution of Bangladesh. Please visit and see the bellows links about peace and democracy in Bangladesh (which were published in the oldest Bengali national daily Sangbad, Bangladesh) (29-9-2009) (20-09-2009) (21-08-2009) (17-8-2009) (9-8-2009) (31.7.2009) (16.07.2009) (26.06.2009) If Bangladesh wants to introduce own self as a civilized country to the world then must be follow strictly to the Universal Declaration of human rights and the Constitution of Bangladesh. Bangladesh government has taken dualism regarding extra judicial killings. They say to the international community that in Bangladesh has no extra judicial killings. On the other side, every day in Bangladesh was happened extra judicial killings in the name of so-called crossfire, gunfight or encounter. So we could say that the present government of Bangladesh is a liar. Because, before the last general election they told to the nation openly that, ‘if they would form power then they must stopped the extra judicial killings’. But, now it’s going on. We strongly condemned about the attitude of government regarding extra judicial killings. If the government wants betterment of Bangladesh and if they believe rule of law, constitution and Universal Declaration of Human Rights then they could firstly established rule of law. We want to say to the government please stop the extra judicial killings and should immediately start to trial against the war criminals. We believe that otherwise wouldn’t stop the Islamic militancy. 20.9.2009 Link of the previous report about the human rights situation in Bangladesh: RAB and my Journalism: Personally, I have also been victimized by the recent past authority for my activities as a journalist, writer and human rights activist. I was tortured for 15 hours. My crime was that I was made several investigative reports about the RAB’s offenses of extrajudicial killings, Islamic militancy and Indigenous and minority torture as well as corruption and political terrorism. I want to paint a picture of the violation of the rule of law and human rights in Bangladesh. The RAB arrested a terrorist named Benazir on May 2, 2007, on the charges of possession of illegal arms. While arresting him, they shot both of his legs in front of his minor daughter and his wife. Benazir is now crippled with two bullet marks on his feet. He is also detained in the hospital area of the Rajshahi central jail. The RAB did not find any arms in his possession. Another killing was happened in the name of ‘Encounter’ by RAB-5. RAB murdered a local Workers party leader Maznu Sheikh alias Kamrul Islam at Chotobongram in Rajshahi city on May 18, 2007. I reported about these on CSB News and broadcasted interviews of their relatives (wife, mother, brother and localities). In the same time I was published these report on the daily Sangbad and broadcasted in DW Radio. When Benazir was shot, it was reported by me on CSB News. None of the RAB personnel who were involved in the alleged operation agreed to give statements in front of a television camera regarding the incident. In the evening, I send the report to our head office in Dhaka from our bureau office in Rajshahi. In a news bulletin broadcasted at 1:00 a.m. the following morning, the report was broadcast. Then, at 9:33 p.m. that evening, I received a call from RAB officer Major Rashidul Hasan Rashid. Soon as I As soon as I picked up the phone, the caller asked me why the broadcasting of the news piece about the RAB’s operation was stopped after being aired only twice. In reply, I told him that "it is up to the head office." Major Rashid became annoyed with me and said, "You broadcasted this report intentionally." I replied, "It is my professional duty, nothing more than that." He asked, “Why did you broadcast someone crying and the statements of Benazir’s wife and daughter?” In response, I asked him, “Do you want to know it officially?” At this stage, Major Rashid became very rude. I cannot mention the words he shouted at me in our language, since the language was very bad. He was outraged and said, “If you fail to give the right answer about why you broadcast the report, then I shall take actions against you.” I said, “I have not committed any crime.” Major Rashid asked again, “Why did the other TV channels not broadcast the same report? You did it intentionally and your actions belong to ‘anti-state activity’.” He also said, “Make sure that you, any of your colleagues, and the CSB News camera are never seen within the jurisdiction and activities of the RAB. If they are, then the RAB will take action against you." After that, he hung up. I complained to the Asian Human Rights Commission and Amnesty International regarding this threat. Then an investigation was commissioned. After giving a detailed report, I signed my written statement, which was received with signature and official chop by the reader to assistant police commissioner in Boalia, Rajshahi on July 3, 2007. Mr. Golam Mostofa, the field officer of the National Security Intelligence questioned me regarding the said intimidation and threats, on July 15, 2007. Then, at around 6:00 p.m. on July 22, 2007, Mr. Moyeen, an inspector of the Special Branch of the city of Rajshahi visited my office and took my statement. Inspector Moyeen also asked about the threat I felt, and I replied that the RAB is involved in extrajudicial killings and I feared that I could become the victim of such a killing. I reported that I have been continuing my work, but I still worried that the RAB or his men might target me for further harassment or intimidation. So I became a target. I have been charged multiple times with false and political motivated charges and have been arrested, tortured and detained. I was arrested from my house at midnight and tortured in front of my wife, child and rental house owners. I was taken to the RAB-5 office. I was hung from the ceiling with my hands tied with ropes and was beaten mercilessly on my feet and my back. I was kept hanging from the ceiling with ropes around my hands, with the mask on my face. And also they gave me electric shocks. When I was being tortured I was being shouted at with words like: “Will you do the Benazir report again…?” “Litchi garden report again…” ‘Khairuzzaman Liton’s family report again…” Now face the consequences; son of a pig… son of a bitch…” etc. The RAB would like to be able to kill me, and officially call the killing a "crossfire" or "encounter." RAB sent me to the local police with the charge under the section 16(2) of Emergency Power Rules 2007. I was under medical attention in the Rajshahi central jail for 10 days. As a new detainee, I was sent to the case table in front of the jail house's trial court on my first day. When I went to case table, two fellow inmates had to hold me on both sides. I had no power to walk. I could not even sit properly, but could only put pressure on one side of my rear, when sitting. I broke into tears. Many cases were lodged against me. I felt I was being prepared to be killed in a “crossfire" or "encounter.” There is more shocking news I have learned about a key perpetrator, Major Rashidul Hassan Rashid, an RAB military officer who played the leading role in the extrajudicial killings of Ahsan Habib Babu, a student’s league leader; Kamrul Islam, alias Maznu Sheikh, a Workers Party leader; Ali Jafor Babu, a prominent businessman; and about twenty others. Some people like Benazir and a jail guard, Shahebul Islam, were highly affected and disabled by their torture. Major Rashid has been recruited to serving in the U.N. peacekeeping mission in the Ivory Coast; he joined the UN mission on July 10, 2008. This makes it clear how well the Bangladeshi authorities look into human rights abuses and treat the victims and the perpetrators. This personal history it’s a black chapter in my life. In conclusion we want to say that, the so-called crossfire, encounter or gunfight stories which made by RAB-police are totally false than reality. Terrorism never combat or control by state killings, we believe. Establish to rule of law is very essential for control to terrorism. Jahangir Alam Akash Editor & Publisher The Human Rights Today Bangladesh.

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