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Minority repression has begin in Bangladesh

Focusing the forthcomming parliament election
Minority repression has begin in Bangladesh

By Jahangir aAlam Akash

Hindu Worship's Building at Keraniganj-Dhaka was demolished by the communal quarter in Bangladesh. According to the victims the perpetrators are taking the chance of forth coming parliament election. As the police is busy with security and the local leaders are busy for counting vote in their side no one is coming to help them. They victims, Hindu minorities are living life under threat. They expressed before the election the perpetrators are taking the chance to size us. One of the perpetuator was “RAJAKAR” During 1971. The Hindu lady said that on 71 the Rajakar had hijacked my grandfather. Now they are trying the grab our land.
Minorities belonging to Hindus at Keraniganj-Dhaka are in panic due to repression and assault on women. Land grabbers looted belongings of the temple and demolished the 200 hundred years’ building on 05.12.2008 illegally. Police took theft case instead of looting of valuables.
Some land grabbers looted valuable articles and demolished structure of the temple house (deity’s property) at Raskhit Para of Shakta Union within Keraniganj Upazila of Dhaka District on 5th Dec, 08 and hanged their sign board most illegally.

Name of the victims: 1) Ms.Durapati Mondal (85) wife of Late Shashi Mondal

2) Ms.Jharna Rani Sarkar (45)

3) Ms.Madhabi Bhattacharjee (52) wife Narayon Bhattacharjee.

Name of the perpetrators: 1) Salauddin sultan (40) son of Hajee Md. Seraj.

2) Md. Shajahan (42) son of late Abdul Rahim Bepari

3) Md. Latif (50) son of late Abdul Rahim Bepari

4) Md. Raisuddin (42) son of Late Rafique Uddin.

5) Md. Liton (35) son of Hajee Md. Momtazuddin and unknown 20 others.

Date of occurrence: 5th of December, 2008 at about 8 A.M

Damage caused to deity’s property: 1,00,000/- taka .

Nature of crime : Land grabbing’s and forceful eviction.

It is alleged that on last Friday (: 5th of December) afternoon the land grabber namely Sajahan, Salauddin Sulltan, Ramizuddin, Liton, Sumon, Abdul Latif and more unknown 20/25 hoodlums attacked the minority inhabitants of the deity’s property. Some Hindu inhabitants – Ms.Durapati Mandal (85) wife of late Shashi Mondal, Ms. Jharna Rani Sarkar and Ms.Madhabi Bhattacharjee tried to resist the hoodlums, but they have been overpowered. The hoodlums looted the house and demolished it. They have also stolen away iron pillars and wood cost amounting to Taka 1, 00,000/- kept for Puja purpose.
After investigation it is found that the hood lumps demolished two storied building belonging to deity’s property a sign board was hanged on the spot in the name of six land grabbers. As a result Ms.Durapati Mondal burst into tears. Ms. Durapati states – “I came this house as wife of late Shashi Mondal seventy years ago. This temple was dedicated for Sheba puja by a registered deed No.2735 dated 25.08.1945 by the then Zemindar – Devendra Kishore Raskhit in the name of 1) Aditya Bhattacharjee, 2) Gopal Bhattacharjee, 3) Shidesh Bhattacharjee, 4) Radha Raman Majumdar and 5) Dinesh Bhattacharjee.” Since then the Hindu shebaits were performing sheba puja as per contents of the deed or transfer dated 25.08.1945.

Ms.Rekha Bhattacharjee lodged First Information Report at Keraniganj Police station and Police took case against those perpetrators under bail able section of Bangladesh Penal code instead of proper section of law. ( Keraniganj PS case No. 05/313 dated 07.12.2008 under section 143/447/379/428/506 of BPC)
Police also arrested 1) Salauddin Sultan (40) son of Hajee Md. Seraj, 2) Md. Sahajahan (42) son of late Abdul Rahim Bepari and 3) Latif (50) son of Late Abdujl Rahim Bepari under section 143/447/379/428/506 of Penal code. Because the sections all bail able and they all got bail from the court on 8th December, 08. Mr.Md. Asaduzzaman – Officer-in-Charge of Keraniganj Police station did not record the section 327 of Penal code during lodging FIR. Section 327 discloses that “Whoever voluntarily causes hurt for the purposes of extorting form the sufferer, any property or valuable security, or of constraining the sufferer, or any person, interested in such sufferer to do anything which is illegal or which may facilitate the commission of an offence, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to ten years, and shall also be liable to fine.

Jahangir Alam Akash

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