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Bridging gaps between the United States and the Asian Muslim World

Bridging gaps between the United States and the Asian Muslim World

By Jahangir Alam Akash

There are so many gaps between the United States of America and the Muslim World specially the Asian Muslim world. Social, Geographical, Economical and Political conditions of the Muslim countries are the main hindrance to develop the relation with United States of America.
Most of the Asian Muslim countries are very poor or developing economically. More over democracy is not establish yet in these countries. Some people of these countries think that the door of democracy with the help of USA government.
Though the Donner countries including USA used to help the democratic countries. Therefore democracy should be guaranteed first. Most of the individuals of these Muslim countries are very much poor. They are always fighting for their lives. Sometimes these needy people being misguided join different militant groups. Therefore expansion of these militant groups can be stooped by economic development of these individuals.
The main theme of Islam should be established in these countries. Mispresentation of Islam should be restricted. It is also be campaign especially electronic media that the main theme of all most all religious are same.
The view point of USA media is that only the Muslim are militant which is to be changed. International policy of USA should be modified from this view point.
In conclusion, it is to be said that it is must to bridge up the gaps between the USA and the Asian Muslim countries for global necessity.

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